Sam Druiff's -Three Month Recruitment Blog

My first three months in recruitment have flown by, so I thought it was a great opportunity to take five and reflect on that time.

In my previous job I was an estate agent, and whilst I enjoyed it, I wanted a change – I needed a new challenge. After speaking with a good friend of mine, I decided that recruitment was the road I was going down. I first met Patrick and Matt from RGB on a Friday afternoon and I instantly knew I wanted to work with them; I’d never had an interview where the people interviewing me took a genuine interest in me and what I wanted to achieve in life, not just work.

Since starting the job, I’ve (nearly!) learnt the process of recruiting, and I’ve learnt an awful lot about Building Services and the construction game in general. Building Services is something I find fascinating and I love learning more about it. I’ve had some harsh setbacks that I’ve had to get around, but I learn from every one of them, and I’m lucky to work somewhere with constant support.

The last three months have been a big learning curve, from networking to yoga, every day presents something different. It is a challenge, but it’s the rewarding challenge I have been craving. I enjoy coming to work, and I can’t wait to see what the next three months entail.