Amy's Work Experience Journey

We were delighted to welcome Amy for a work experience opportunity to gain valuable office experience to help her decide the next step in her career after completing her A-Levels. During Amy’s time at RGB, she worked in various aspects of our business operations ranging from coordinating payroll to organising charity events and sourcing candidates, gaining valuable insights into each sector along the way. While working within the different sectors of the business she discovered an interest in Building Surveying and secured an opportunity to work with one of our clients on a degree apprenticeship program. We are delighted for her!

We asked Amy about her work experience journey:

“When I started at RGB Recruitment, I had little idea in mind for my future career. I had never worked in an office before, and it allowed me to gain practical work experience that can be transferred to any career. I had no prior knowledge of the construction industry, and I never would have considered it as a future career for me.

As I interacted with different consultants at RGB, each specialising in various areas within construction, I became aware of the multiple career opportunities within the field. A few months into my job, I discovered the role of a Building Surveyor, and it immediately caught my interest. I began researching Building Surveying University courses, but I was drawn to the idea of simultaneously working in a related role whilst studying.

To explore my interest further, I decided to do a bit of work experience in Building Surveying. This hands-on experience solidified my interest in pursuing this as a career. When I received an offer to become a degree-apprentice Building Surveyor, I was grateful to accept it, recognising the on-the-job experience and knowledge I would gain.

Working at RGB Recruitment has provided a supportive foundation for my career journey. Without this experience, I would never have considered exploring a construction-based role. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have gained at RGB”.

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