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It is compatible with adaptive technologies including screen readers and text-only web browsers.

Our websites have been built to comply with the standards required for modern browsers.

If the content within the site does not appear to display correctly we suggest you update to the current version of your preferred browsers.

Prerferred browsers:

  • IE9, IE10
  • Firefox
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  • Opera
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  • Chrome


  • .Net
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  • CSS3
  • Javascript      / Jquery
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Columns 4+

High resolution enabled

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Some of the downloadable content on the site is provided in PDF format so we recommend you download the latest version of Adobe Reader


Video and sound:

We provide video and sound content on our sites to present you with a rich user experience to share.


Text sizing:

The size of all the site text is defined relatively within the source code so it can be changed using available browser tools

You my change the display font size to your preference via your browser:

Internet Explorer, select View – Text size and then your preferred size.

Firefox, select View- Text size and then your preferred size

Google Chrome, select the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, select Settings, click Show advanced settings, in the ‘Web content’ section, use the “Font size” drop-down menu to make adjustments

Safari, select View – select Make Text Bigger or Make Text smaller


Approved screen reader:

Jaws Screen Reader is the world’s most popular screen reader developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse.