ISV Online Testing system for clients and candidates available for pre-employment tests and assessments.

Why we have chosen to use the ISV.Online testing system ? At RGB, we specialise in hiring for a diverse array of job positions that demand varying skill sets. Our experience has shown that the ISV testing system proves to be a cost-effective and user-friendly solution. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive selection of tests, catering perfectly to our diverse clientele and candidates. The ISV.Online - skills testing, assessment and training platform, is now available for Clients and Candidates. The ISV Online testing system can be used to send out all kind of Literacy assessments and Psychometric tests. In addition, companies can add on their own assessments and their logos on to the training which can be good for introductions and in-house assessments.

 What are pre-employment skills tests and assessments used for?

A huge variety of companies use skills testing software to evaluate the skills of potential hires.  Hiring is expensive – both in terms of the initial recruitment fees, but also the impact cost of a bad hire.  Testing that a potential candidate has the skills to do the job and is a good personality fit for the team can increase the odds of a successful placement.

Recruitment agencies use skills tests as a way of validating that the candidates they introduce will be successful, identifying the knowledge gaps among candidates and employees.

What tests are most commonly used by employers?

Different employers use a huge variety of different tests. At ISV.Online, the most commonly used proficiency tests include: