Jason Johns, a Year at RGB!

Wow, 1 whole year at RGB Recruitment. Where has that time gone?  The last year has been; social, hard work and overall very rewarding . I came from a retail management background, fresh as a daisy out of higher education I joined a large supermarket as a COVID temporary worker, my Tesco mentor saw something in me and took me under her wing. I progressed rapidly from part-time temporary worker, to full-time Duty Manager across two different stores at the tender age of 18 supervising a team of 80, then direct line managing a smaller team of 15. I could not be more grateful for my Retail journey as it taught me some crucial life skills as well as professional skills that have transferred very nicely into my life in recruitment. In honesty, I felt stuck in my past roles. I have the upmost respect for retail workers however I knew I wanted to leave and find a role within sales one day, with the bonus of being able to attempt to be half decent at rugby at the weekends. (if I wasn’t quick I’d be doomed

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I turned down some interesting opportunities within retail/management to pursue a career at RGB, and I am so glad I did.

In the last year we have had some awesome days out as a result of everyone’s hard work and desire to be the best agency and be in the forefront of our local markets. The black tie Autumn Ball with the Exeter Construction Group stands out as a highlight.

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I am also blessed to have such a great training regime as part of the Pertemps Network Group and I have jumped in the car to head to HQ in Meriden frequently to learn from the best and network with consultants across the group.

 It had been a tough year for me outside of work, and starting a new role is never easy, but I am so thankful for how quickly and easily the team has welcomed me in and I was penned ‘part of the furniture’ within my second week whilst on our yearly ‘go-karting’ competition. It feels as I have been here a lot longer than 365 days, but in the best way possible.

 I feel very settled into my desk, and feel I’ve learnt more about Civil Engineering in a year than I thought I ever would. I know I put everything into connecting with my clients and candidates and am always learning. I also pride myself on the connections I have made along the way, I’d hope my LinkedIn recommendations reflect this!

 The main challenges I have faced this past year were: adjusting to the office lifestyle - as I was not used to being mainly sat down (good thing I walk around the office all day), breaking into my market – at the start, every call or email I made was to someone who had no idea who I was and I didn’t know much about them which could be pretty nerve-racking however every ‘cold’ call turned into a warm call next time, and finally working out how to manage my time suitably – it is very easy to be a ‘busy fool’ in Recruitment and setting daily goals and plans helped manage my time and energy better.

 So, how did I get over these? I stuck to my guns, kept at it and I have since built great relationships with candidates and clients alike. I will always preach the use of talking to people over a telephone or video call rather than becoming email warriors, it makes my job a lot easier and makes it more enjoyable for both parties.

Along the way, there were going to be some surprises to catch me out. Luckily for me these have all been very positive, such as: how quickly you can build proper rapport with people, how committed to the cause people are when on the job hunt, and how quickly things can move from initial introduction to acceptance.

 This year I have been lucky enough to share memories with the work family, such as Bovey Castle, RGB Christmas Party (I threw some serious shapes) and the ‘It’s a knock out’ event in the soapy sunshine.

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The team here is great, a bunch of Recruitment superstars in all honesty, and I’m doing my best to keep up! Learning off them every day has made my life a lot easier, and I can always rely on having a laugh with colleagues 

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What would I tell myself a year ago I hear you ask?

 ·       Stick to one haircut

·       Do not buy that green, double breasted suit

·       Believe in yourself

·       Get out to meet clients early doors

·       Make that phone call, it’s always worth it

So, what would I say about my first year at RGB Recruitment? You would be silly not to join us!