RGB Remembers

In loving memory of our Founder & MD, Phillip Dodd "Can’t believe it’s been a year since you went away Though you’re gone you’re also here, every minute of the day You’re in our success and our strength, in our force and in our might Through trials and tribulations, you’re still our guiding light. You’re our calmness under pressure, the deep breaths for our stress The very reason we’re all here, in this great business We’re flying high again this year, shame you’re not around To see us all and how we’ve done, I know you’d be so proud Of everything that we’ve become, of our achievement and our gain, Our house is still standing, and keeps out all the rain As much as we miss you, we’ve made it on our own In honour of you and all you were, and the business you’d once grown So while you’re not here in the room, you’re always very near And missed more than you’ll ever know, and will be year after year" RIP.